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Meet the Brewer: Highland’s Hollie Stephenson

From a rural south Georgia town to the big leagues in craft beer, follow Hollie’s journey to head brewer at Highland Brewing Co. More »

Episode 68: Hail Satan

Raymond returns as the boys drink Three Floyd’s BlackMasking and Against the Grain’s Pepper Your Bretts. More »

In the Footsteps of History: Running the Jerusalem Marathon

An incredible destination race, the Jerusalem Marathon offers amazing views and history to complement a challenging race day. More »

Beer Preview: March To The Sea

Georgia breweries Burnt Hickory and Coastal Empire come together for “March to the Sea.” More »

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speidel fermenter love
Fermenter Love: Speidel’s Big Mouthed Beast

Is it weird to say that you love your fermenter? Speidel's is that good. More Homebrewing »

Drink Beer

The Art of Craft Beer: Service Brewing Ground Pounder

This weeks beer painting is dedicated to Keith and his new job. More Craft Beer »

Run it Off

craft brew races
Craft Brew Race Series: Savannah

A 5K and a beer festival. Sounds good to us! Raymond reviews Craft Brew Races Savannah. More Running »

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Dakota Silicone Sport Digital Watch

Running Gear · April 21, 2015

With the Apple Watch launch hype at maximum levels and plastic fitness bands gracing almost everyone’s wrists, it can be a little overwhelming, not to mention expensive, to be in the market for a watch. The first question is simple. What do you need the watch to do? Monitor you heart rate? Send […]

The Art of Craft Beer: Mikkeller Better Half

Art of Craft Beer · April 11, 2015

This weeks beer painting is Mikkeller’s Better Half. Mikkeller is a brewery that I’ve had a love hate relationship with. When they get it right its really good. Their beers are expensive though, so when they miss it’s disappointing on many levels. I guess it’s tough to have high expectations […]

Episode 67: Filling Time

Podcast · April 8, 2015

Lee, Keith and (sometimes) Andrew talk beer while drinking Founders’ Doom and Westbrook’s 4th Anniversary Ale.

The Art of Craft Beer: Boulevard Double Wide I.P.A.

Art of Craft Beer · April 4, 2015

It’s been a while since I’ve had Boulevard’s Double Wide IPA and I had some reservations putting it on my list of beers to paint. Because of this distance and the amount of detail involved I was dreading painting this a little. The more I worked with the piece the […]

Episode 66: Really Dirty Blonde

Podcast · April 1, 2015

With guest Vince Becker, home brewer extraordinaire. Grand tasting is Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary.

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  • Get outta town! Three craft beer road trips
    Asheville to Tampa to ATL by Lee Heidel IT’S AMAZING how quickly Savannah’s local beer scene has grown. Between our four local breweries, there’s plenty of unique, interesting and downright delicious beer to drink without venturing past your corner bar.… [ Read more ] [ Subscribe to the comments on this story ]

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