Barefoot’n it

Raymond Gaddy

Raymond is an artist living in Savannah, GA. He is the married to a very tolerant wife and is father to two fantastic kids. He teaches painting and drawing at the University of North Florida and his artwork can be found at Raymond has been running since his high school track days, drinking beer (almost) as long and brewing for about a  year.

  • hark

    Nice article. I become a believer in Jan 2011 and have since logged about 600 miles on mine – two half marathons and a few other races – but mostly recreational miles. I would have to agree that I really can’t imagine going back to a “regular” running shoe, and when I have needed to run in my previous (and rather light) Mizuno’s they felt like bricks on my feet.

    One thing that I had problems with is a bit of material sticking out in the pinky slot of the right shoe which always gave me a blister… so I invested in a few pairs of Injinji toe socks. Problem solved and WELL WORTH IT! I recommend especially once the VFFs begin to stretch a little.

    P.S. I’m a homebrewer for 8 years. Cheers!

    • Hark! Happy to hear from another satisfied believer.

      I use my Mizunos as yard work shoes now. The blister I had was up near my ankle. I think with was a stray stitch one one of the seams.