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Website Review: SeekABrew, CellarHQ

Posted by on Tuesday, May 29, 2012

As a beer enthusiast (or beer geek if you like) you can never have too many resources. I have found myself using the following websites almost daily in my beer trading efforts. I wanted to give them both a little love.

Map image from I mentioned this website previously in part 2 of my beer trading post. This is easily the most user friendly way to research what breweries are distributed in any particular state. There is a large map of the US and all you do is simply drag your mouse over the state you are interested and click. Below a list of all the breweries that distribute in the state will appear. Until finding this website I had used this Google Doc called US Beer Distribution, it’s a great resource but it can be very difficult to use when comparing different states. SeekABrew has a fantastic option of comparing two states with easy to read columns of each state’s unique breweries with their shared distribution in the middle. The biggest downside I would say is how quickly the site is updated. I have noticed that there a a number of newly added breweries to my home state of Georgia that are not listed on the website. However, there is a link to contact SeekABrew and I am sure they would look into any omissions presented to them. Bookmark this on your smart phone, it is a must have resource for when seeking out trading extras or buying beer when traveling.

CellarHQ: Unfortunately I discovered this website a few moths after struggling through the creation of a Google Docs-based cellar of my own. I’ve since converted over. It is ridiculous how easy it is to sign up and start entering the beers in your cellar. The library of beer already entered is very impressive, and if you can’t find what you are looking for it you can add it yourself. The basic information is there in each column: Brewery, Beer, Style, Size, Quantity, and Bottle Date. The only thing I would say is missing is ABV. You can also add notes as well.  (I use mine to remind me of how long I plan to age a beer, and how many I am willing to trade) The cellar list is easy to read, which was a problem I was having with my google doc. This is a great resource for beer trading, simply add a link to your post or profile if you want others to see what is in your cellar. As your cellar grows it is difficult to remember what you have, just pull up your cellar at the store if you are unsure. Here is my cellar to give you an idea of what yours will look like.


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