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giving homebrew as a gift

Homebrew Gifting Ideas

Posted by on Friday, December 14, 2012

Are you considering giving your home brewed beer as a gift this holiday season? If not, you should. By giving homebrew, you’re spreading your love of handcrafted beer and encouraging others to pick up the hobby. Unfortunately, handing over a blank bottle with a scribbled batch number on the cap doesn’t make the best impression. Here are our tips on how to best dress up your homebrew for gift giving.

Custom Six-Pack Holder

These hand made six pack holders really emphasize the whole small-batch aesthetic. If you don’t want to pony up and buy one, you can get a DIY kit┬áto save some cash or create your own with some spare lumber and your own plans. If you’re going for a different look, this laser cut version has a clean design, or you can go leather for a few bucks more.

Painted Beer Bottles

Painted Bottles

While it may be a no-brainer to print out some labels on your home inkjet, as soon as they get wet, they’re going to look horrible. Instead, go for the ceramic look and paint your bottles. You can make a stencil for a logo, the recipient’s name or a holiday message prior to spraying. The final product has a beautiful pottery quality (especially when you use matte paints) that will truly set your brew apart in a refrigerator lineup. Just make sure to properly tape off around the opening so that no paint gets in the bottle, okay? From left to right: Mekfartin, Bottle painting DIY at Drew’s Directions, More Mekfartin at Oh Beautiful Beer.

Neck Labels

Neck Tags

If you don’t want to paint your bottles or deal with traditional sticker labels, these neck-tags add a heap of class to your lowly recycled amber bottles. You can either go the label route and “seal” over the cap with a long message like Orkney’s Dark Island Reserve (left), print out your own “hanger” tags on paper board (free printable templates at Sarah Hearts) or create informational ribbon-bound gift tags (Fresh Home Ideas). Why should winos get all the fun? Despite these illustrations being on wine bottles, they’d look just as good on a bomber or recycled champagne bottle. Not sure where to start? Check out these free gift tag printables.

How do you pretty up your home brew for gift giving? Let us know in the comments – we’d love to see your photos, too.

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