four peppercorn orange saison

“Fab Four” Peppercorn Orange Saison

Lee Heidel

Lee was named a Southern Living "Blogger to Watch" for 2015 and 2016. More of his beer ramblings can be found at Connect Savannah and The Manual. He writes about his family's Costa Rica adventure at Temporary Ticos.

  • derrik d

    Is this still a favorite? Im thinking of borrowing some of the recipe using some organic honey I got from a bee keeper.

    • It’s a great recipe and a great excuse for using organic honey. If you have any left over, I’ll be posting a honey wit recipe next month (if all goes well). Cheers!

  • My brew club and I made this earlier this year and liked it so much that we made it again, only a double batch! And, we are thinking about making it again. This was great! Thanks so much for the recipe.

    • Awesome! So glad you and your homebrew club(!) enjoyed the beer.

  • beerGang

    Does it keep the peppery flavor?

    • It sure does! It’s more complex and flavorful than a traditional black pepper tinge; but you definitely get the spicing. Cheers!

  • Ed Staib

    I made this Saison and it looks great. The only thing I’m concerned with is that it’s been 5 weeks and it still looks like it’s fermenting. Should I be concerned or should I wait another week or so?

    • No concern at all, Ed. There are lots of reasons to have a longer fermentation. The important thing is to let it finish. As long as it’s fermenting, let it go. Even if it’s finished bubbling, it won’t hurt it at all to spend an extra week or two in the fermenter. Cheers!