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Bell’s Hopslam (Aged One Year)

Posted by on Tuesday, February 11, 2014

This is just might be my all-time favorite beer, I look forward to it’s release every year. You can click the link to see my opinion of Bell’s Hopslam when it is fresh. I have had several people tell me that it ages well, claiming it turns into fantastic Barleywine. So I tucked a bottle away in the back of my beer cellar to age for a year to see what happens.

I knew it would taste different, but it is an almost completely different beer. The pour is a bit darker, and the aroma is off. Pretty much all of the bright tropical fruit flavors are gone, and I thought the sweetness would take off but it doesn’t. The hops more change than fade becoming kind of dirty and earthy. The beer tastes kind of stale and cheap at this point. I guess this does kind of turn into an American style Barleywine with some age, unfortunately it isn’t a particularly good Barleywine. For me this is very mediocre aged, I’d just drink them fresh. There is plenty of low cost and year round Barleywines out there to drink, but only one Hopslam!


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