Best Running Costumes from Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend

Lee Heidel

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  • Adi Saria

    I’m honored to be married to the king of mashups. It’s amazing to see all the positive response and praise for all of his hard work and efforts. He made all of the costumes on his own. I remember the night he started the Animal helmet and come morning he brought it to life. And after all the meticulous designing and attention to detail, he ran in them! I’m so proud of you @deebo27

    • Adi – That’s awesome! Thanks for adding some additional insight. His costumes are fantastic.

  • Darrell Saria

    I am truly humbled and truly grateful to even make it on your best run cosplay post amongst the other amazing Star Wars running costumes that was out there! And to to be named the king of mashups. Wow! I am honored! Thank you!
    I had an amazing time running as Animal Fett, Darth Goofy and Goof-3P0 at the inaugural Star Wars! I do my best to make running fun!
    Thanks so much for sharing your view and the recap of the awesome costumes!

    • Your costumes were fantastic! Thanks for being awesome.