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How Important is Drinking Local to Respecting Craft Beer?

Raymond Gaddy

Raymond is an artist living in Savannah, GA. He is the married to a very tolerant wife and is father to two fantastic kids. He teaches painting and drawing at the University of North Florida and his artwork can be found at raymondgaddy.com. Raymond has been running since his high school track days, drinking beer (almost) as long and brewing for about a  year.

  • Buying from local brewers instead of the big guys has some real economic impact, too. MillerCoors ingredients (grains, hops, etc) and hard goods (everything from paring knives to branded koozies) are going to come from large providers distributed all over the country, while a locally owned shop is more likely to strike up regional partnerships, run out to the local farmers market for small-batch ingredients, and buy hard goods at local shops — not to mention developing marketing materials and such with local partners instead of just bringing it in-house for all its brands.

    There’s also a trickle-down effect with employee spending — when someone at Service here in Savannah sees the boss going to the R&R instead of Bed Bath & Beyond for utensils and Heideldesign for koozies and posters instead of VistaPrint, employees tend to do the same thing.

    The numbers being thrown around by the buy local movement are along the lines of 37 cents per dollar stay local if you go to a chain like Starbucks or World of Beer, but 72 cents per dollar stay local if you go to a local shop like Coffee Fox or Distillery.