Blue Pants Brewery Brettanomyces Fermented IPA


Keith is the Cellarman at Service Brewing Co. in Savannah, GA. When he isn't helping produce the best beer brewed in Savannah, he is your average beer geek. Most of his free time is spent thinking about, talking about, trading for, drinking and reviewing beer.

  • Weedy Weidenthal

    Hey guys, thanks for the review! It was fun to listen to the discussion. I think that the fact that there was so much talk about whether or not it could be called an IPA is a testament to the complexity that the Brett provides. This beer was brewed with the intent of watching the flavor development over the course of several months. We are about 5 months in now and the hops have faded, while the Brett flavors continue to develop. This was a blend of Brett strains (Brett Clausenii, Drie, and Lambicus) and it was hopped with Mandarina Bavaria, Cascade, and a small amount of Citra. It was a one time beer for us and it didn’t have a base beer that is produced on a regular basis. The malt bill and hops were chosen for how they would compliment the Brett. If you enjoyed this, I would stay on the lookout for an upcoming dry hopped sour fermented with a wild yeast strain and a yeast strain known for its intense stone fruit esters. Cheers!

    • Thanks, Weedy! That’s awesome info. Tomorrow’s podcast has us drinking two of the Pinstripe variants. We love what you’re doing. Keep up the good work.