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Monday Night Brewing Master Splinter
Monday Night Brewing Master Splinter is an Imperial Red Ale aged on Hard Maple. It is the latest new beer in the Black Tie Series, coming in at 9% ABV. This is a very pretty looking beer, deep mahogany red color with a perfect bone white head. The aroma is fairly […]

Avery Out Of Bounds Stout
Avery Out Of Bounds Stout is an American style Stout. Nice dark appearance with a inch and a half tan head, hard to get the highlights on a dark and cloudy day. Enjoying some very nice roasted malt aroma with a subtle sweetness in there as well. I’m tasting some big […]

New Belgium Portage
New Belgium Portage is an American style Porter. This pours with an extremely dark brown color and a big tan head. A good aroma of medium roasted malts, along with hints of coffee and chocolate that are very inviting. Big flavor in this beer without feeling to filling, pretty much […]

North Coast Old Stock Ale Cellar Reserve
North Coast Old Stock Ale Cellar Reserve is normal Old Stock Ale aged in bourbon barrels. This review is for the 2013 vintage. The aroma really stands out on this beer. I’m smelling layers of big bourbon, rich toffee/caramel and dark fruits. The taste is almost a mirror image of […]

Stone Old Guardian -Extra Hoppy- Barley Wine Style Ale
Stone Old Guardian -Extra Hoppy- Barley Wine Style Ale is a 2015 Odd Year release for Stone, and it looks they took this insanely hoppy beer style and made it “extra hoppy”. This pours with a nice dark reddish color with a nice off white head. Pineapple, pineapple and more pineapple on […]

Lagunitas High West-ified Imperial Coffee Stout
Lagunitas High West-ified Imperial Coffee Stout is aged in High West whiskey barrels. The beer has a perfect pitch black appearance, the 22 oz bottle was shared between 3 of us so I did not see much of a head on this pour. The aroma is fantastic, a great blend of […]

Southbound Rollin’ & Tumblin’
Southbound Rollin’ & Tumblin’ is a Springtime IPA brewed for the 2015 Savannah Music Festival. It is brewed with Magnum and Azacca hops, 6% ABV. This has a very nice appearance, pours with a lovely golden yellow color with a two finger white head. Getting some muted mangos and a […]

Bell’s Mercury The Winged Messenger
Bell’s Mercury The Winged Messenger is a Belgian Pale Ale that is a part of the Planet Series. Bottled on 12/04/14, thanks to Raymond for the bottle! This looks nice enough with a slightly cloudy golden yellow. The aroma on this seems a little off, a lot of grain and […]

Red Brick 21st Anniversary Ale
Red Brick 21st Anniversary Ale is a Dark Saison Aged in Rum Barrels, 9.5% ABV. This pours with a dark brown/red color. The smell of this is fantastic, sweet rum barrel and oak, dark fruits and some “winter” spices. The taste follows suit and is really enjoyable to start, especially […]

Ommegang Three Philosophers
Ommegang Three Philosophers is a blend of 98% Ommegang Belgian-Style Quadrupel and 2% Liefmans Kriek. The beer has a reddish brown color, with a big bubbly head. This is an outstanding smelling Quad, getting figs, dark caramel, hints of cherries and alcohol. The taste really does follow along quite well. The […]

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