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The Bruery Black Tuesday
The Bruery Black Tuesday is an American Double/Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels for over a year. The ABV alters slightly from year to year, this is the 2013 vintage which comes in at 18.9%. No that isn’t a typo, make sure you find a group to share this with. […]

Mikkeller Black Hole (Cognac)
Mikkeller Black Hole (Cognac) is a Russian Imperial Stout brewed with coffee, honey and vanilla then aged in cognac barrels. I wasn’t overly impressed with the regular version of this, but I decided to take a chance on this variant. I found this, along with serval other variants, collecting dust at Turtle […]

Swamp Head Smoke Signal
Swamp Head Smoke Signal is a smoked American Porter. The malt of this porter is flavored with Alderwood, most commonly used for smoking salmon in the Pacific Northwest. Smells sweet and smokey with notes of molasses and brown sugar. I’m impressed by how mildly smokey this is. The smoke usually […]

Engine 15 Imperial Simcoe (Bourbon Barrel Aged)
Engine 15 Imperial Simcoe (Bourbon Barrel Aged) is an American Double/Imperial IPA, aged in bourbon barrels. You probably guessed that. I’m getting lots of boozy bourbon on the nose. The taste looses the bourbon flavor quite a bit, but makes up for it with some big oak notes. The Simcoe […]

Three Floyds Blackheart
Three Floyds Blackheart is an English style IPA. Thanks to Lee for sharing this one at my 40th B-day bottle share. This IPA utilizes all English ingredients and is aged slightly on toasted oak. I knew there was something going on here involving wood, and the biggest and best thing […]

beer camp 2014
Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Across America
This was one of the most ambitious craft beer adventures Keith’s ever seen. What are the best of the box?

Fantôme Printemps Saison
Fantôme Printemps Saison comes in a capped and corked 750 ml bottle, lot aj 13 with a best by of 2018. Thanks to the rotten green bottle I’m getting that blast of skunk you’d expect from any other green bottle imported lager. Thankfully the skunkiness fades away after pouring, and […]

Uinta Labyrinth
Uinta Labyrinth is an American Double/Imperial Stout. I passed right by this Crooked Line Series beer for quite a long time. I mean there was no way I was spending that much money on a Black IPA! Fast forward probably well over a year and I read a review about […]

Three Taverns Quasimodo
Three Taverns Quasimodo is a Belgian style Quadrupel. This review is for the 2014 vintage, which comes in at 10% ABV. Pours with a beautiful dark caramel color with a hint of red. The head disappears rather quickly. Smells like a classic Quad although maybe a bit muted: dark cherries […]

Saison Dupont Cuvée Dry Hopping 2014
Every year the Dupont master brewer creates a new dry-hopped version of the classic Saison Dupont. The 2014 vintage of Saison Dupont Cuvée Dry Hopping utilizes English Challenger hops. Smell and appearance is near perfect for the style. Pours with a beautiful light golden color and active white head. Smells of […]

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