Brew / Drink / Run: The Craft Beer Podcast for Runners

The Brew / Drink / Run podcast features The Guys reviewing beer, talking about running and home brewing and performing manly feats of strength. New episodes are released every Wednesday morning with alternating big shows and mini episodes. This is what your life has been missing.

If you’re looking for a beer podcast, running podcast or homebrewing podcast, congratulations! We’re all three rolled up into one.

Craft Beer Podcast

Every week, Lee, Keith, Raymond and our guests drink great beer and give their reviews and impressions. Odd numbered episodes are “mini episodes” where we drink and review a single beer and play some silly games. These episodes are around 20 minutes.

Running and Homebrewing Podcast

Every other week, the¬†guys add homebrewing and running chat into the mix as well as drink and discuss craft beer. These even numbered episodes are what we call the “big shows.” These full episodes last around an hour.