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Anchor Old Foghorn

Anchor Old Foghorn is an English Barleywine, 8.8% ABV. I found this dusty bottle at one of our local beer stores. A quick check of the Anchor website confirms this was bottled in December...


Second Self Mole Porter

Second Self Mole Porter is an American Porter, 6.5%. This is a bottle of a DRAFT ONLY release that BDR received to review, from the website: …reminiscent of the oaxacan mole sauce. We combines...


Allagash Aventureux

Allagash Aventureux is a Belgian Strong Dark Ale. There is some conflicting info on the internet about this one, but as best as I can tell this is Allagash Black aged in rum barrels....


New Holland The Carhartt Woodsman

New Holland The Carhartt Woodsman is an American Pale Ale that is barrel aged and brewed with Cascade hops grown in their home state of Michigan, 4.4% ABV. The beer pours with a medium golden...


Southbound Picture Of Nectar

Southbound Picture Of Nectar is an American Double/Imperial IPA brewed with nectarines and elderflower, 9.3% ABV. The beer pours with a slightly hazy golden color, some light yellow hues around the edges, the head dissipates...


Bronx Brewery American Pale Ale

Bronx Brewery American Pale Ale is an American Pale Ale with a good bit of English malt backbone, it comes in at 6.3% ABV. This brewery seems focused on only one thing: Pale Ales....


The Bruery Jardinier

The Bruery Jardinier is a Belgian Pale Ale, 4.9% ABV. Described on the website as a… sessionable beer[s] so often found on the Belgian dinner table. Bright and flavorful with an assertive hop character…...


Wild Heaven Funkenrauch

Wild Heaven Funkenrauch has to be one of the most unique beers I have seen in a while. I was super hesitant to even pick up a bottle, but my curiosity got the best...

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