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5K Challenge: Run Two

I thought it would be just slightly easier. It wasn’t. After the third interval, I was wondering if I could do it.

The 5K Challenge

In this guest column, Trent discusses his lack of running motivation and his latest attempt to get his legs moving – signing up for a local 5K. The clock’s ticking!

Brew / Drink / Tri

I hate running.  Or at least, I hate running every day.  This is what led me to triathlon.  But allow me to back up a little further in the story. In December of 2011...

Running with the Devil

On my morning run today, I needed some inspiration. I needed something new to kick-start my pace and keep my brain from focusing on the heavy sound of my breathing. Normally, I listen to...

More Adventures Of A New Runner

More Adventures Of A New Runner

You probably haven’t gotten anything out of my recent running posts, that is because they don’t exist. Truth be told after my knee finally started feeling better I jumped on the excuse train… destination...