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beer podcast episode 2

Episode 2: Rumspringa!

Episode two of our beer podcast in which we discuss beer vacations, sample craft beer from Goose Island and Cigar City, talk homebrew and running.

Buying Beer Online

Lee’s recent post about buying beer online from LetsPour has inspired me to talk about some of the retail craft beer sites I have used as well. Let’s get this out of the way...

Update: Financial Aspects of Homebrewing

Does Homebrewing Save Money? Part 2 After reading Lee’s post (see: Does Homebrewing Save Money?), and the included article about the financial aspects of homebrewing, I decided to take a look at my overall spending...

Untappd 2.0

Untappd 2.0

The updated 2.0 version of Untappd, the popular iPhone/Android app and social network for beer lovers, has many welcome changes. There are the expected graphic enhancements; but we also found the app to be...