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5K Challenge: Change of Scenery

We’re very happy to announce a new column at Brew / Drink / Run – The 5K Challenge. Our friend Trent is training for his first race in a long time and is using...

2012 Atlanta Marathon Relay

Team BDR competed in the 2012 Atlanta Marathon Relay, an impressive course that winds through downtown Atlanta, beginning and ending at Atlantic Station.

5K Challenge: Good Intentions

I’ve been bad. Terrible, really. I’ve had good intentions, but the reality of the busiest work month of the year, travel and a sick baby have piled up against me. It’s been more than a week since I ran — and that run was put off two days.

Closed for Business: Charleston, SC

A Saturday trip to Charleston, SC to see the band My Jerusalem perform at Tin Roof afforded the opportunity to take in some local beer action. The Charleston Beer Exchange was my first stop...

What Do We Want? Bottle Dating

… When do we want it? NOW! I would love to see all beer have mandatory bottle dating guidelines. I know what your thinking, “take it easy, it’s just beer…”