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5K Challenge: Run Two

I thought it would be just slightly easier. It wasn’t. After the third interval, I was wondering if I could do it.

Episode 5: Tastes Like Maine

In our first three-host episode, Lee, Keith and Raymond talk all things Allagash. We start with a tasting of Fluxus 2011, discuss Raymond’s recent brewery tour and then dive into a bottle of Coolship...

Why Run?

Why Run?

We have discussed a lot about how and why we brew beer. We have also talked a lot about the different types of beer we drink. Hopefully, this can help explain another reason why...

The 5K Challenge

In this guest column, Trent discusses his lack of running motivation and his latest attempt to get his legs moving – signing up for a local 5K. The clock’s ticking!

Great Atlanta Beer Fest

Event: Great Atlanta Beer Fest Location: Turner Field, Atlanta GA Date: Saturday, September 8, 2012 3pm-8pm Price: Tickets were $40 advance, $48 day of event Official Description: 150+ Beers, Live Music with Ocean Street, Football...

Brew / Drink / Tri

I hate running.  Or at least, I hate running every day.  This is what led me to triathlon.  But allow me to back up a little further in the story. In December of 2011...

Brew / Drink / Walk?

Brew / Drink / Walk?

Does walking help your run pace, endurance or longevity? Mix up your warm-up jogs with stretching followed by a brisk walk before running.

Episode 4: Rich Mahogany

Lee and Andrew sit down to discuss a hard day of all-grain homebrewing, Andrew’s aggressive race schedule and taste-test Pere Jacques from Goose Island. We also discussed when craft breweries stop being “craft” and...