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American Barleywine Beer Reviews

Coastal Empire Beer Co. / Burnt Hickory March To The Sea
March To The Sea is an American Barleywine, 11% ABV. I was excited to finally see bottles of this beer after having the opportunity to visit Coastal Empire on the day this collaboration was brewed with Burnt Hickory. This pours with a pleasant brown/caramel color with a lot of red hues in the […]

Sierra Nevada Bigfoot
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot is an American Barleywine, 9.6% ABV. After several years of experimenting with the aging of this beer, I finally have it down to a (personal) aging science. I do not even touch this beer until at least a year old. Two years? A bit too much. (I do […]

Bell’s Saturn – The Bringer Of Old Age
Bell’s Saturn – The Bringer Of Old Age is an American Barleywine aged in bourbon barrels, 11.5% ABV. This is the first beer in The Planet Series that I have some serious expectations about going into it, this is one of my favorite beer styles. Big thanks to Raymond for grabbing […]

AleSmith Barrel Aged Old Numbskull
AleSmith Barrel Aged Old Numbskull is an American Barleywine aged in bourbon barrels. This review is for the 2013 vintage, Opened May 2, 2015. I really enjoyed Old Numbskull, the kind of Barleywine I will pick up again the next time I’m in a market that sells it. The Barrel Aged […]

Lakefront Beer Line
Lakefront Beer Line is an American Barleywine. This was left for us at work from vacationing brewery rep Justin, thanks for the bottle! It is kind of hard to gauge the appearance from a third of a 12 oz bottle, but it looks a bit like a muddy Amber Ale. Not […]

Stone Old Guardian -Extra Hoppy- Barley Wine Style Ale
Stone Old Guardian -Extra Hoppy- Barley Wine Style Ale is a 2015 Odd Year release for Stone, and it looks they took this insanely hoppy beer style and made it “extra hoppy”. This pours with a nice dark reddish color with a nice off white head. Pineapple, pineapple and more pineapple on […]

21st Amendment Lower De Boom (Aged Two Years)
21st Amendment Lower De Boom is an American Barleywine. I have decided to do a four year experiment with this beer, since these little 8.4 oz cans should be easy to cellar. Originally canned in February of 2013 I drank the first can on April 1st 2013. I will drink […]

Dark Horse / Local Option Militiagan
I picked up this limited collaboration between Dark Horse and Local Option at the Dark Horse brewery during the summer of 2013. There is no bottle date but I am pretty sure this was pretty fresh when I bought it. Militiagan is referred to as a Potable Oak Wine, so […]

Dieu du Ciel! Solstice D’hiver
Dieu du Ciel! Solstice D’hiver is an American style Barleywine. I opened this 2013 bottle in November of 2014. From the website: … brewed only once a year, at the end of the summer… aged for a few months… Then, it is sold starting mid-December of each year… Pours about […]

Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine 2012
Stone Old Guardian is an American style Barleywine. This review is for the 2012 vintage, aged for one and two years. The appearance and aroma of both tastings was pretty much spot on for the style. A rich caramel color with an off white head. Rich toffee and caramel on […]

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