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Founders Bolt Cutter

Founders Bolt Cutter is an American Barleywine, 15% ABV. This beer was their 15th Anniversary Ale, released in 2012. Portions of the beer was aged in bourbon barrels, some in maple syrup-bourbon barrels and...


Burnt Hickory Killdozer

Burnt Hickory Killdozer is an American Barleywine aged in bourbon barrels, 13.5% ABV. This review is for the 2015 vintage. Apparently the distributor didn’t deem Savannah worthy of bottles of this, but thankfully my wife...


Sierra Nevada Bigfoot

Sierra Nevada Bigfoot is an American Barleywine, 9.6% ABV. After several years of experimenting with the aging of this beer, I finally have it down to a (personal) aging science. I do not even...


AleSmith Barrel Aged Old Numbskull

AleSmith Barrel Aged Old Numbskull is an American Barleywine aged in bourbon barrels. This review is for the 2013 vintage, Opened May 2, 2015. I really enjoyed Old Numbskull, the kind of Barleywine I will...


Lakefront Beer Line

Lakefront Beer Line is an American Barleywine. This was left for us at work from vacationing brewery rep Justin, thanks for the bottle! It is kind of hard to gauge the appearance from a...


Dark Horse / Local Option Militiagan

I picked up this limited collaboration between Dark Horse and Local Option at the Dark Horse brewery during the summer of 2013. There is no bottle date but I am pretty sure this was...

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