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American Strong Ale Beer Reviews

Evolution Rum Barrel Golden Ale
Evolution Rum Barrel Golden Ale is an American Strong Ale aged in Rum barrels, 10.5% ABV. This is the 2014 Spring edition of their Migration series, bottle 28 of 1500, aged about one year. Big thanks to my friend Brian for this bottle! This pours without a whole lot of […]

Boulevard / Sierra Nevada Terra Incognita 2014
The Boulevard / Sierra Nevada collaboration Terra Incognita 2014 is an American Strong Ale, 13% ale, 55% ale aged in wine barrels and 32% ale aged in bourbon barrels. This is the third incarnation of this beer. The first was brewed specifically for the SAVOR festival in 2012. Last years […]

The Lost Abbey Agave Maria
The Lost Abbey Agave Maria is an Agave Strong Ale created specifically to pair with the spiciness of the Tequila barrel aging (a blend of Anejo and Reposado barrels). The beer was aged for a minimum of ten months. Pours with a surprising dark brown color with some tint of […]

Surly SŸX
Surly SŸX is an American Strong Ale. Their sixth anniversary ale released in 2012 and aged an additional 2 years. The creation of this beer utilizes six wood species in a honey comb shape for the aging process. I got this during my really active initial trading period, thanks Tim! […]

Allagash Odyssey
Allagash Odyssey is an American Strong Dark Ale. From the website: a dark wheat beer aged for ten months, a portion in oak barrels and the remainder in stainless tanks. This review is for the 2013 vintage aged 1 1/2 years. This pours a nice brown color with hues of […]

Southern Tier Compass
Southern Tier Compass is an American Strong Ale, well actually they call this a Sparkling Ale brewed with rose hips on the bottle. I’ve never heard of a Sparkling Ale before, but I’m up for anything. This is really nice, sweet and fruity with a lot of floral notes on […]

Boulevard Chocolate Ale
Boulevard Chocolate Ale is an American Strong Ale. This is one of the strangest tasting beers I’ve had in a while. Surprisingly lighter color on this beer, it really is an ale as opposed to a more common chocolate stout. Yep, there is a ton of chocolate flavor going on. […]

Cigar City Brewing / Ecliptic Illuminating The Path
Illuminating The Path is an American Strong Ale brewed by Cigar City Brewing and Ecliptic for the First Edition of the El Catador Club. This Oregon / Florida collaboration uses rose hips and marionberries, indigenous to Oregon, plus hibiscus and acai berries from Florida. The beer is then aged in pinot […]

Lagunitas Brown Shugga’
Lagunitas Brown Shugga’ is an American Strong Ale. Rich smooth malts with a wee bit of Brown sugar sweetness. As with most every Lagunitas beer there is a strong showing of hops. A good bit of pine and tropical sweetness are an interesting mix with sweet malts. I have to say […]

Firestone Walker 16 Anniversary Ale
Firestone Walker 16 Anniversary Ale is an American Strong Ale. As always this is a blend of 8 different barrel-aged beers. I guess I ended up aging this about 1 year, think I traded for it about 6 months after it’s release. Very nice aroma on this one, lots of caramel, […]

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