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The Guys

Our modest little editorial staff includes homebrewers, beer drinkers, runners and a few that do all three. Meet the men behind the BDR curtain.

Lee (250 Posts)

Lee is a web developer living in Savannah, GA. He loves raising a little girl, brewing his own beer and playing the ukulele. Listed in order of importance. You can also find him posting about his favorite band at Summer's Kiss or writing about beer for Connect Savannah.

Keith (1285 Posts)

Keith is the Cellarman at Service Brewing Co. in Savannah, GA. When he isn't helping produce the best beer brewed in Savannah, he is your average beer geek. Most of his free time is spent thinking about, talking about, trading for, drinking and reviewing beer.

Raymond (75 Posts)

Raymond is an artist living in Savannah, GA. He is the married to a very tolerant wife and is father to two fantastic kids. He teaches painting and drawing at the University of North Florida and his artwork can be found at Raymond has been running since his high school track days, drinking beer (almost) as long and brewing for about a  year.

Andrew (31 Posts)

Andrew used to dodge bullets in the Army and drink what he thought was good beer. Now, he homebrews, drinks great beer, and runs a lot - all to help dodge fabric box fever. He also loves buying his wife clothes, watching his son play baseball and being amazed by his daughter's brain. I'll drink to that.

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