The Art of Craft Beer: Raymond Gaddy’s Craft Beer Paintings

I’m starting a new weekly page on Brew/Drink/Run. In my “real” life, I’m an artist – a painter to be specific. I’m a college Art professor and exhibit my work internationally. For a long time I’ve wanted to bring together my two worlds, beer and painting.

For the next year I’m going to create a weekly beer painting. Each Saturday I’ll post a new painting with some background about why I chose that beer that week. All of these paintings will be for sale on the Brew/Drink/Run store so you can own an original Gaddy and support BDR all at the same time.

The Rules:

As one has to do with these sorts of things I wanted to lay down some rules.

1.Taking a cue from Keith’s beer streak I decided to I’m only going to paint beer I’ve had. I’m a big believer in painting from life so this fits with my working method. If I’ve had a beer I’ll have the bottle or can to work from.

2. I’ll only paint each beer once so each will be a unique release!

3. I’m going to do a mix of easy to find beers and “whales.”

4. There will be one painting/beer a week. So there will be at least 52 paintings, though I may release a few extras here and there.

5. New paintings will be posted every Saturday.

All the paintings will be painted in oil on either canvas or panel. Each will be 8”x10”

On top of the Painting a Week, I will also take commissions. Do you have a local you love that we can’t get here in Georgia? Send me a (preferably full) bottle and I’ll paint it for you.

Follow me on Twitter @paintingbeer for some behind the scenes details.

The Series So Far: