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Anheuser-Busch Michelob Rye PA

It’s Gateway Beer Week here at BDR. All week each of us will reminisce about the beers that set us out on our personal craft beer journeys. When Keith mentioned the idea of a...

How Important is Your Water?

If you are brewing your own beer at home, how important is the quality of water that you use? Andrew’s mountain spring water has mixed results.


Andrew’s recount of his first marathon. From wanting to drop a few pounds to running 26.2 miles – this is how it all went down.

Why Run?

Why Run?

We have discussed a lot about how and why we brew beer. We have also talked a lot about the different types of beer we drink. Hopefully, this can help explain another reason why...

Great Atlanta Beer Fest

Event: Great Atlanta Beer Fest Location: Turner Field, Atlanta GA Date: Saturday, September 8, 2012 3pm-8pm Price: Tickets were $40 advance, $48 day of event Official Description: 150+ Beers, Live Music with Ocean Street, Football...

Brew / Drink / Walk?

Brew / Drink / Walk?

Does walking help your run pace, endurance or longevity? Mix up your warm-up jogs with stretching followed by a brisk walk before running.

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