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one man's junk

Episode 23: One Man’s Junk

It’s Keith’s birthday! To celebrate, the boys do what they do best: Drink beer. They then talk about the beer. You know how this works by now, right? They also discuss their recent visit...

Episode 22: Tinky Tinky

Lee talks to Andrew about his epic day brewing with Red Hare Brewing. They also catch up on Andrew’s run streak and drink a couple of Terrapin beers. Because hey, why not?

Episode 21: WTF You Guys

Episode 21 of our craft beer, homebrewing and running podcast reviews the Trybee Sprint triathlon Evil Twin’s Even More Jesus and Aún Más A Jesús.

Episode 20: The Snort

Did you ever have one of those podcasts where Skype calls kept dropping out and one of your hosts started rambling about terrorism? Us too! Behold this VERY LONG (but oh so hilarious) edition...

craft beer podcast

Episode 18: Sours in Our Tummies

If podcasts were people and episodes were years, this baby would be eligible to vote! In episode 18, Lee, Andrew and Keith sit down at the inaugural BDR retreat and drink a three year...

beer podcast episode 17: ladies night

Episode 17: Ladies Night

What is this madness? The wives of Brew / Drink / Run take over the podcast for Episode 17. They talk about their craft beer loves, being a home brewer’s bride and a whole...

beer podcast episode 16

Episode 16: Hunahcast

In the wake of Hunahpu’s Day, Keith shares bottles of the imperial stout from 2012 and 2013 for a side-by-side tasting. Plus, new tap takeover events and updates on home brewing and running. Cheers!...