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5K Challenge: Run Two

I thought it would be just slightly easier. It wasn’t. After the third interval, I was wondering if I could do it.

The 5K Challenge

In this guest column, Trent discusses his lack of running motivation and his latest attempt to get his legs moving – signing up for a local 5K. The clock’s ticking!

Brew / Drink / Tri

I hate running.  Or at least, I hate running every day.  This is what led me to triathlon.  But allow me to back up a little further in the story. In December of 2011...

Brew / Drink / Walk?

Brew / Drink / Walk?

Does walking help your run pace, endurance or longevity? Mix up your warm-up jogs with stretching followed by a brisk walk before running.

Running with the Devil

On my morning run today, I needed some inspiration. I needed something new to kick-start my pace and keep my brain from focusing on the heavy sound of my breathing. Normally, I listen to...

Runstreak: Hitting a Wall

Runstreak: Hitting a Wall

As of Sunday (12 August 2012), I am 160 days into my runstreak goal of running every day for a year and it’s been a little threatened for the last few weeks. On 3...

More Adventures Of A New Runner

More Adventures Of A New Runner

You probably haven’t gotten anything out of my recent running posts, that is because they don’t exist. Truth be told after my knee finally started feeling better I jumped on the excuse train… destination...

New Shoes Blues

My old shoes didn’t stay retired for long. After logging 400 miles and assuming that my sudden knee pains were the result of broken-down material in my old Asics Gel-Cumuluses, I bought a new,...